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The Automotive Academy headquarter is located in Modena, inside the Enzo Ferrari Department of Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

It is currently a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary area dedicated to the automotive field and including several engineering subjects: drawing and mechanical design, machine construction, mechanical and material technology, internal combustion engines and fluid dynamics, hydraulics, aerodynamics, electric engines, sensors and electronics, heat transmission.

The Enzo Ferrari Department of Engineering (DIEF) has been active since 30th June 2012. It carries the cultural legacy of the Faculty of Engineering of Modena, which was founded in 1990, and the Departments of Material and Environmental Engineering, Information Engineering and Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

Therefore, a single organisational structure now combines the teaching objectives of the pre-existing Faculty with theoretical and applied research activities, as well as technology transfer developed by the previous Departments and related Interdepartmental Centres. Teaching, research and technology transfer activities are now the pillars of the new Enzo Ferrari Department of Engineering.

Built on an area of 160,000 sqm, the current headquarters of the Enzo Ferrari Department of Engineering meets the most advanced teaching and research guidelines and looks like a modern university campus: 18 classrooms, 11 laboratories and a huge library are available to students and professors. There is also a Language Area aimed at meeting the ever growing demand for internationalisation.

For further information visit the DIEF website