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On going initiatives

Modena Automotive Smart Area programme is focused on transportation and is aiming to reach an improvement of the quality of life for the citizens, in terms of sustainability, services and safety, through the development of technologies that are influencing infrastructures and mobility. In the areas identified it will be possible to test innovative assisted driving, automated driving and electric vehicles, featuring on-board applications able to communicate with the city and its people in complete safety.

MASA includes an Urban Model Area (“Progetto Periferie” and Data Center) and the collaboration with the “Autodromo di Modena” racetrack in Marzaglia (MO); MASA is also supported by European funds (the CLASS2 program on real time data analysis through IOT sensor networks). MASA is part of the Automotive Academy UNIMORE.

Masa strenght points:

  • Public / private partnerships and co-funding of “Progetto Periferie”;
  • Modena is in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley (tradition >> innovation);
  • Urban Model Area (“Progetto Periferie”)
  • Automotive Academy Unimore with MUNER, Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna;
  • Data Center and Cyber Security Academy;
  • “Autodormo di Modena” racetrack;
  •  Smart City plan (Modena Municipality) and local 5G connectivity infrastructure.

Working groups composed by academic members are examining in depth the following aspects related to the digital revolution applied to mobility and to automotive field:

  • social / economic / environmental;
  • legal / ethical / insurance field;
  • engineering / cyber security / road safety / AI,
  • user experience, human state environment monitoring / smart medicine,
  • geomapping / urban and extra-urban cartography.