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Third Mission

Besides the mission of teaching and the mission of research, universities have to pursue the so-called "Third Mission": use their knowledge from research and teching in order to transfer technologies and innovatsion helping resolve societal challenges.

The Automotive Academy Unimore is actively involved in develop the most suitable and appropriate initiatives that will help to traslate the results of scientific research to the civil Society. For this reason is aimed at leveraging the synergy existing with the companies in the area of Modena and in the region through the aggregation and the consolidation of public/private partnership.

The activities carried out by the Automotive Academy Unimore in partnership with companies and public entities classify as processes directly interacting with the civil society and the business infrastructure, with the objective of promoting the growth of a territory, so that knowledge becomes instrumental for the attainment of production outputs.

All the activities undertaken by Automotive Academy come under the following classification:

Intellectual Property



Public Engagement

Life-long Training

To that end, the Automotive Academy Unimore addresses to all national and international companies and istitutions that are looking for a single structure able to provide the critical mass required to meet the research and advisory demand in the vehicle field as a priority, but also in related fields allowing for a technology transfer of the processes or the materials studied and developed.

The pages of this section describe some of the most significant projects undertaken by the Automotive Academy Unimore with this aim: