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Cyber Academy

All economic, relational, educational, productive and regulatory systems are and will be radically altered by the pervasiveness of computer science, but with undoubted advancements in the flexibility and productivity come also new, specific risks related to digitazion.

Society and the business world require new, highly specialized, flexible professional figures able to face and solve new and increasingly complex challenges. The Cyber Security Course enables participants to know and apply the most innovative methodologies and tools to design, implement and test secure computer systems, industrial plants, and robust industrial products, also in light of meeting current regulations and safety standards.

The Cyber Security Course uses innovative training methods with the aim of training participants in immediate security problem solver positions in the workplace.

  • The selection is based on fundamental computer skills: operating systems, networks, software. It is essential to know how to program.
  • There are few frontal lessons, many laboratory exercises, and project work conducted both autonomously and in a group.
  • The Course provides full-time commitment for 6 months. It is divided into two quarterly duration parts; access to the second part is subject to a test of the skills acquired.
  • The classrooms, the lab and the residence of the participants are at the “San Filippo Neri” building in Via Sant'Orsola 52, Modena, 100 meters from the train station.

The Course provides limited costs thanks to the economic support of the City of Modena, ErGo, and Emilia-Romagna and national companies.

Important dates:

Launch of edition 2: January 15, 2018

Release of the Call: October 16, 2017

Admission deadline: November 30, 2017


Teaching information: Prof. Michele Colajanni (programme director) e-mail:

Organizational and enrolling information: Dr. Astrid Nielsen, e-mail:, tel. +39059/2056143

For further information visit: