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Unimore and Transport

Unimore and Transport

The automotive industry today consists of a lot of different competences mixed together in order to develop the most innovative, efficient, sustainable product.

For this reason, the Automotive Academy Unimore aims at linking all the UNIMORE research laboratories and groups involved in a wide range of research activities that could make important contributions in the automotive field. The exchange is all the more fruitful, because some of these also operate in close connections with prestigious research groups belonging to national and European Research Programs.

The main research topics in which Automotive Academy Unimore operates are:

  • Mechanical and Automotive Engineering: vehicle engineering and high performance internal combustion engines, advanced mechanical design and additive manufacturing techniques, including robotics, thermal engineering, logistics, machine design, and numerical analysis.
  • Computer Engineering: info-security, cloud and distributed computing systems, artificial vision, etc.
  • Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering: Automation, Micro and Nano Electronics devices, Signal Processing and Data Communications, Wireless and Optical Networking, etc.
  • Engineering of Materials: Metallic Materials, Plastics and Composite, Sustainable Technologies for the Materials’ processing, etc.

The automotive industry is crucial for Europe’s prosperity. The sector provides jobs for  12 million people  and accounts for 4% of the EU’s GDP. The EU is among the world's biggest producers of motor vehicles and the sector represents the largest private investor in research and development (R&D). Considering its strategic and structural connection with the research and technology transfer activities and initiatives at EU level, and with the international community on Automotive sector, Unimore aims to strengthen and broaden its network. In line with this objectives, in 2017 UniMORE  adhered to EARPA  – the European association of automotive R&D organisations.

Unimore and EARPA

In line with EARPA and with the international community on Automotive, Unimore aims to strengthen and broaden  its participation in the Platform and its network of specialized partner, with the aims to:

  • Consolidating and maintaining the high level of knowledge on Automotive and related areas
  • Developing better scientific communication on research results and promising application domains
  • Strengthening of qualified multidisciplinary and trans-national networks
  • Developing and carefully planning of the design, development and application of automotive and transport technologies and methodologies by actively linking different disciplines
  • Promoting scientific careers of young researchers and the creation of novel jobs’ opportunities
  • Facilitating industrial liaisons by sharing and connecting innovations and projects with automotive industries

If you are interested in developing a research project, you can  send us an e-mai l with attached your CV. There are many opportunities to get involved: for further information visit the “ Join us ” page.