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Training for Automotive Companies Creation

TACC - Training for Automotive Companies Creation is an innovative Enterpreneurship training programme specific to the automotive industry. TACC fits in the fast-changing automotive environment, characterized by a strong technological component. A two-year training course, unique in the Italian academic world, for who want to understand, study but above all, to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation in the automotive field.

TARGET: motivated students to realizing themselves as an entrepreneur, who want to acquire transversal skills for the development of the spirit of enterprise, to come up with an entrepreneurial idea, creating a start-up in the automotive field. TACC is open to students of Master's degrees, PhD courses and 5-years combined Bachelor's/Master's degrees for the academic year 2017/2018. Participation is conditioned by the outcome of the business appraisal test.

PROGRAM: The programme includes lessons - which are in English - with the involvement of manager, participation in national and international fairs, workshop, corporate visits, supplementary seminars, prototyping, design and validation sessions for their start-up project.

APPLICATION AND RESULTS: Applications to the TACC project could be submitted from 12:00 on 29 November 2017 until 12:00 on 29 January 2018, by accessing the restricted area of ESSE3. 

The admission procedure for TACC project ended with the selection of 45 candidates. They come from many different disciplinary areas of the University; the large number of applications confirms the widespread interest of students for activities that connect them to the world of work and for innovative ways of studying and connecting with companies.
The students origin with respect to their degree programs demonstrates a high level of interdisciplinarity which is one of the main objectives of TACC initiative.



Presentation of TACC Project

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TACC Project

TACC project (pdf version)

Call for application

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Final ranking

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