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Unimore and EARPA

51 European stakeholders among industrial and academic experts established in 2002 the association of automotive R&D organisations – EARPA.

EARPA is the platform of automotive researchers and is actively contributing to the European Research Area and the future EU RTD funding programmes. It works in close cooperation with the automotive industry, the automotive suppliers, the oil industry as well as the European Institutions and the EU Member States.

EARPA’s mission is to promote awareness and understanding of the specific role and contribution of R&D providers in the automotive sector and reinforce the high tech character of the automotive industry as well as its potential for future innovation and new opportunities.

EARPA is is composed of three main bodies:

  • The General Assembly, in which all members are participating, governs the Association.
  • The Executive Board, to which the management of the association is delegated, initiates activities and carries out the representative tasks.
  • The EARPA Secretariat, based in Brussels and  supports the Board, the General Assembly and the Task Forces.

The Task Forces are in the core of the activities of EARPA. In the Task Forces EARPA member experts are actively discussing pertinent research topics. The Task Forces cover the main automotive R&D areas in which EARPA members are active.

At the moment, UNIMORE joined different task forces and participated in several activities of the following groups:    

  • Urban Mobility
  • logistics
  • Safety
  • Methods and Tools for Virtual Development and Validation
  • Materials, Design & Production
  • Noise, Vibration & Harshness
  • Hybrid Powertrains and Alternative Fuels