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Unimore automotive intiatives in prime time!

Last 17th January a troupe of Tg 1, one of the most famous Italian newscast came to visit the Automotive Academy Unimore in order to find out all the remarkable initiatives carried out by Unimore in the automotive field. 

First of all, Tg 1 journalists focused on MUNER - Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna, the newly founded association to wich Unimore belongs, offering the Advanced Automotive Engineering Master's Degree Programme inside the "Enzo Ferrari" Engineering Department, headquarter of the programme.

Secodly, the visit all the innovative laboratories with their research Groups, like MilleChili Lab, for chassis optimization, Laboratorio Rosso, focused on fluyd dynamics, and Optolab, concering real time monitoring of the driver physiological and emotional status.

Finally, the troupe visited Formula Student and Moto Student labs, and they had the chance to see the "M17-L", the open-wheel car designed by More Modena Racing team, on the track!

See the unmissable reportage on RAI 1 web-site!