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TACC call for application now open!

Here we are with the second edition of the TACC - Training for Automotive Companies Creation project for the students of the Modena-Reggio Emilia University. The TACC project is a unique initiative in the national academic system for Unimore students and PHD students, who want to run a business. The goal of the course, in English language, with the participation of teachers, managers, entrepreneurs and activities such as working groups, company meetings and laboratories is the development of their idea of start-up.

The project, at its second edition, is included into the International Academy for Advanced Technologies in High-Performance Vehicles and Engines of UNIMORE. TACC is an integral part of AUTOMOTIVE INNOVATION HUB, the centre born in Modena in 2017 to experience the trends driving the transformation of the car world: electric cars, connectivity, self-driving cars and new forms of mobility.

TACC is an entrepreneurship project and at the same time a training program that is unique in the Italian academic system. TACC is for those who want to understand, study, and engage with entrepreneurship and innovation in the automotive sector. The aim of the project is to make heterogeneous students' team work (43 students in total) able to develop their business idea, supported by Faculty members, mentors, experts and professionals to meet the needs of the market with their own start-up project.

The project is implemented in two phases: the first phase, TACC 1, from March to June, 2019 is aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial attitudes and soft skills needed to start a business in the automotive industry, as well as developing ideas and business projects, both individually and as a team. The second stage, TACC 2, from October to December, 2019 has a strong practical-applicative nature and it is aimed at the development, prototyping and validation of business ideas. Each stage duration is 120 hours; the students, in addition to the class activities, will participate in activities as workshops, company visits, group works etc. to improve their learning experience.

Applications to the TACC project can be submitted from November 20th, 2018 – 12:00 pm by February 1st, 2019 – 12:00 pm, by accessing the restricted area of ESSE3 from the following link:

A Commission of entrepreneurs, HR managers, professors and experts will be established for the selection of participants in the TACC project.

The selection process includes: 1) Evaluation of Curricula  2) Evaluation of the outcome of the Business Opportunity Analysis Test and Assessment of the outcome of the video interview.

For all info visit the webpage:

The promoters of the project are UNIMORE and AVL, the biggest private research and development company in the world - besides simulation and testing - of propulsion systems, from internal combustion engines to electric motors.

TACC Unimore is realized thanks to the support of BPER – Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna and Sifą.

The project partners are: Tecnopolo of Modena, Fondazione Democenter, Fondazione Marco Biagi and Stars&Cows.