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Designing the automatic district

The University of Parma has initiated a interdisciplinary work between teaching and research on the theme of the future city, shared with the other regional universities.
The new Smart City Research Laboratory 4.0 Sustainable LAB is coming to life, welcoming the MASA Modena Automative Smart Area, a neighbourhood conceived for the mobility of the future, as a theme of strategic reflection. As emphasized by the Prof. Francesco Leali, "MASA has three objectives: to develop technologies, to develop information sharing, to build a space where to apply integrated skills."

The experimentation that the University of Modena and Reggio and the Municipality of Modena are implementing in the Maserati historical site has been offered to the University of Parma undergraduates as a working theme for the whole of 2019, and the students will have the privilege to work on the more innovative urban experimentation for the implementation of an automated and computerized district.

The professor. Dario Costi, professor of Architectural and Urban Design and Director of the Laboratory Smart City 4.0 presented the initiative and the perspectives of the work: "we enthusiastically accepted the partnership offered by our colleague from Modena, Prof. Leali, to study the architectural design of the smart neighbourhood they are trying to implement".
At the end of the presentation, the discussion focused on the various potentialities to be developed especially from the point of view of architecture and the city, with a large participation of undergraduates and the present public. The debate has thus given signs of great vivacity and of the possibilities of integration of the many available skills and opportunities to be faced jointly, between engineers and architects, between Modena and Parma.