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AgentGroup: Adaptive coordination of (autonomous) vehicles Crossing coordination; Traffic coordination; Software simulation. 
Atmospheric dispersion of combustion emissions Microscale dispersion of emissions in urban topography; Measurement of nanoparticles in combustion emissions and atmosphere.
Automotive Fluid Power LAB Energy efficiency, comfort, safety, performance improvement in fluid power mobile applications.
Automotive Computer Based Design and Robotic Manufacturing Design of archetypes; Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing; Robotic manufacturing       (machining, welding, assembly, etc.); Human-Robot Cooperation.
Ceramic and Metal Materials: Materials Science and Surface Engineering Thick coatings by thermal  spray and galvanic processes; Heat treatments, Powder metallurgy; Corrosion and protection; Computer assisted materials selection; Computer simulation of Material Properties.
Computer Engineering Research @ImageLab Multimedia Technologies; Computer Vision; AI & Machine Learning; Deep Learning & Neural Networks; Human Computer Interaction.
Cyber security for automotive @UniMORE Analysis of attackers and attack vectors; Vulnerability assessment; Defenses inside the vehicle; Defenses for in-motion data; Defenses for in-cloud data; Global cryptographic systems.
Design and characterization of AM metal parts Innovative finishing processes; Advanced machining; Driving up Reliability and Efficency of Additive Manufacturing – DREAM.
Design and characterization of Smart Materials Magnetorheological devices; Shape memory alloys; Mechatronic actuator.
Ergonomics, Comfort & User Centered Design Immersive VR environments; Interactive Experience Design.
Fluid-dynamics and Thermal Fluids Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles.
HiPeRTLab: High-Performance Real-Time Lab Safety and Predictability for ADAS and Autonomous Driving.
Hydraulic Systems Design & Testing Injection Systems; Mechatronic Gearshifts; Lubrication; Cooling Splashing and Thermal Management.
Industrial Mechanical System Engineering Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems and innovative plants; Lean Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma; Data collection and analysis to support environmental impact evaluations; Supply Chain Management; Increase the efficiency of production processes.
Industry 4.0 Robotics and Automation Intelligent, Zero-Defect manufacturing; Energy-Efficient Sustainable Robotics; Digital Twin advanced simulation.
Internal Combustion Engines Research Group Advanced Modelling of Engine Flows and Combustion; Simulation of Engine Knock (performance limit); Advanced Models for Wall Heat Transfer and Engine Thermal Analysis.
Laser Based Processing at the macro/micro-scale at the nano-scale Surface hardening; microwelding; nanopatterns; wettability; friction; optical properties.
MATPlast: Polymer Science and Technology Polymer-based nanocomposites for Additive Manufactoring technologies.
Micro and Nano Electronics in automotive Electronics Systems: Automotive (Steer By Wire, BMS); Embedded Systems; Smart sensors for active safety; Energy Harvesting; Noise shaping and cancelling.
MilleChili Lab Development of engineering solutions for automotive components which take advantage of light weight: structural optimization of automotive chassis; crashworthiness design and analysis; material correlation: experimental-numerical analysis.
Modeling and control in automotive Modeling  and control of electro-mechanical systems in automotive. All the subsystems are modeled using the Power-Oriented Graphs Technique. Examples: clutch, gear-box, differential, car suspensions, car dynamics, hybrid systems, etc.
Nanotechnology for smart cars Nanostructured materials for smart surfaces functionalization: Sound and heat generation; Transparent antennas; Energy harvesting; Sensors for active noise management.
Optimization and Operations Research Decision Support Systems;Smart algorithms; Mathematical programming models; Discrete simulation.
Optolab - Laboratory of Optoelectronics Real time monitoring of the Driver physiological and emotional status; Innovative sensing radar and lidar; Advance Automotive sensors and front-end electronics; Infrared and visible face and eye tracking.
Photonic & Electromagnetic Engineering Lab Antennas for automotive for safety and connectivity; EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility.
Power Electronics for automotive Design, testing and optimization of compound semiconductor (GaN, GaAs, InP) devices for RF and power application; Electrical Characterization; Simulation (commercial simulator); European Projects: E2COGaN – Energy Efficient Converters using GaN Power Devices.
Robotics and Automation Industrial robotics; human-robot cooperation; human-machine interacion; UML/SYSML for automatic machines; multi-robot system.
Thermo-fluid Dynamics Computational and experimental analysis of: Fluid flows with heat transfer; Turbulence; Heat and mass transfer; Blunt body aerodynamics;
V2X Communications Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I); Vehicle-to-network (V2N); Vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P); Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V); Powerline communications (PLC); MIMO radars for imaging; Data fusion for reliable vehicular navigation; Congestion control in vehicular communications.
Vibrations, NVH & Powertrain Research Group Active vibration control; non-linear dynamics nanoscience; gears testing modelling lubrication; structural vibration testing and modelling.